Tuition is payable monthly and each month's tuition is due on the first of each month. Payments made after the 10th of the month may be charged a late payment charge of fifteen percent (15%) of the amount due. If you become delinquent in not paying for two months, we may ask your child to be withdrawn from preschool. If there is a problem with making your payments on time, please discuss it with the ABC Learning Adventures' Director. Any bank fees that result due to insufficient funds will be the responsibility of the person/parent who wrote the tuition check. Every effort will be made to work with families so as to facilitate their child's stay in the program. Tuition may be paid in quarterly installments with quarterly payments due on the following basis.

Three and Four Year Old Class: $120 per month.  Due the 1st of Each Month. $360 Quarterly Payment. 

Pre-Kindergarten Class: $170 per month. Due the 1st of Each Month.

$510 Quarterly Payment.

Quarterly payments made are due on the following schedule:

1st Payment due the first day of school.

2nd Payment due December 10th.

3rd Payment due March 10th.

Tuition should be paid by check or money order. Cash payments are discouraged. If cash payment is necessary, a receipt will be given immediately upon receipt. Please do not send cash through the mail. Tuition checks may be given directly to the Director, placed in your child's folder, put in the tuition box or mailed to the following address:

ABC Learning Adventures Preschool

Alexandria Baptist Church

Box 8

Alexandria, OH 43001

While every effort is made to hold down tuition charges, TUITION IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE AT THE DISCRETION OF THE CENTER. Any raises made will not take effect for at least 60 days after they are announced.


If a student(s) needs to be withdrawn from ABC Learning Adventures Preschool, a pro-rated tuition will be assessed for the month. In the event that the child re-registers, new student registration fees apply.


It is the parent's responsibility to pay the May tuition for only one of the children enrolled. Additional children within the family are free for the month of May provided the following: (a) all the children were enrolled for the full school year and (b) tuition is current as of May.

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