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ABC Preschool is an environment that fosters a child’s love of God, family, and learning from a traditional Christian perspective. We teach sharing, love, respect, and cooperation giving our students a solid foundation from which to grow academically, spiritually, and individually in readiness for Kindergarten.



The ABC Learning Adventures program is an early childhood educational program founded on the Biblical belief that "children are a gift of the Lord" (Psalm 127:3).  ABC Learning Adventures is a non-profit program provided as a public service to the community by the Alexandria Baptist Church.  All money received by the program is used for the maintenance and expansion of the ABC Learning Adventures program, equipment or facilities.


The objective of this program is to provide an interactive learning opportunity for young children within a wholesome, warm, and secure environment.  Because we believe each child is a unique and special person created by God, the program has been designed to meet each child's unique intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual needs.


The daily regimen of activities provides for many types of interaction:  small and large, adult to child, and child-to-child. Throughout the program, an appropriate balance between child initiated and adult initiated activities is maintained.  Furthermore, each child is given the opportunity to work and play in an indoor and outdoor environment.  In addition to all the activities, the routine is designed to make the child feel secure and safe at all times.


Moral, ethical and spiritual values will be shared with the children through a variety of means including stories and songs.  Such values include the traditional Christian values of sharing, love, respect and obedience. Each child is encouraged to freely explore and question, without ridicule or condemnation.

Upcoming Events:
Our Valentine's All School Program will be held February 12th @ 6:30 PM in the Sanctuary.

Join the students of ABC Learning Adventures Preschool for a sweet presentation of Valentine Themed songs, Scripture Verses, and more to celebrate "Love."

We can't wait to see you  then! 

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